Jerry Rojo

Just wouldn't be right not to add my older brother Jerry to the Gene Autry friends list. My Gene Autry fan days started with Jerry taking us (and other brother Richard) to the Times theatre in Waukegan by trolley car to see the Saturday afternoon movies. Sure wish I had a picture of that theatre with an Gene Autry movie on the marquee around 1947. Popcorn, Gene Autry movie, three cartoons, Flash Gordon serial and a free ice cream for the first 25 in line, now them were the days. Lets see I think we had to find 15 pop bottles to turn in to see them shows.

Well anyway Jerry went off to school to become a Professor in the Arts and now is retired in Connecticut where he enjoys his boat, kid, grandkids and girlfriend. While at school he became well known for his work in stage design and is the father of environmental theatre, check out the books he did in the pictures below. He has a web site to look at too.

Over the past few years he has gone back to picking up his Gibson guitar and singing again and has done a few great collections of Gene's songs and others from days past, check out the CD pictures too. The best being the tribute to Mom.

He really enjoys helping his kid Brian out showing the grand kids Gene Autry movies and teaching them the code of conduct, got to start the next generation off in the right direction. You got to love the drawing of Gene by one of the kids (picture). We just had to have some fun in the family room and I had to throw in a picture of him on his three wheeler.