John Paddy Browne

Irish-born writer and former professional cartographer, John is the author of several books and has contributed to over 30 books by other authors. He was one of the founders of the folk music revival in Britain in the 1950s, and most of his writing is about folk music or art. He has lectured on folk music in several European countries and published work in every English-speaking country.

His grandfather took him to see his first Gene Autry movie when John was only five, and he has remained a Gene Autry fan to this day. The dozen Gene Autry phonograph records his grandfather gave him all those years ago are still in pristine condition, and he has added many more to the collection since. John has also made a respectable collection of other Gene Autry memorabilia, mostly paper-based.

As John's interest in folk music and country music matured during his youth, he turned more and more towards Gene Autry's earlier recordings as true and authentic performances of old-time American songs, and he regards these formative recordings as 'true originals'.

Our picture gallery shows John in his guises of keen fly-fisherman, guitarist and banjoist, author, broadcaster, and as the father of a daughter Kareena, and two sons Ciaran and Nathaniel in whom he is justifiably proud.

John has now retired from full-time working and is keeping busy with new projects like his new CD of Poems by his late friend Sven Berlin. John has compiled a huge album packed full of original Gene Autry memorabilia and signed documents --all bound into a gigantic book that he had specially made for the collection. A few pictures of it below.

I really enjoy my chats with him by email and he has been teaching me all about the ways of England and Ireland. Also he is the by far the intellectual of our little group of five called "THE OLD CORRAL". I'm sure if you have any questions about him and some of the unusual pictures John will tell you all about them. You can contact him at

Gene has made many friends from Ireland and England and John is one of them.