Cold War 1956 - 1964

     Just have to put my service record on the about me page so you all know why the cold war took so long to win.
      There was a program where if you joined the reserves you could do six months of active duty, five and half years of once a week meetings, two weeks of summer duty and two years of standby then you wouldn't get drafted for 2 years. So that's what three of us from high school did.
      The two weeks each summer was spent at Fort Knox, Kentucky and Camp McCoy, Wisconsin and the active duty was at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri and Camp Chaffee, Arkansas.
      We were part of the 5th Army, 337th Infantry Regiment Tank support company and did our tank training at Fort Knox during two of the summers. The three of us went to Fort Leonard for our basic training and I ended up in the hospital with Pneumonia for three months then off to Camp Chaffee for Jeep repair training for the rest of my active duty.
      Well as you can see by the pictures we did a lot of drinking and playing cards at the summer camps but it was all work when I went on active duty, no drinking in the hospital and Arkansas was a dry state.
      Well it all paid off in retirement years since I got another $250 from Social Security and have a Veterans health plan that will take care of me till Medicare kicks in.
     You don't want to hear about anything else.



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