The Rojo Family Trip
to the Gene Autry Friends Fan Club Convention
in Los Angeles, August 2007

Aug 4th, 2007
Opening Dinner
Aug 5th, 2007
Melody Ranch
Aug 5th, 2007
Pool Party
Aug 6th, 2007
Aug 7th, 2007
Open Day
Aug 8th, 2007
Autry's House
Aug 8th, 2007
Gene's Office

Aug.-5-Pool Party

Got back at Days Inn around 4pm for a rest and a fresh-up for dinner. We didn't sign up for Maxine's poolside dinner-party that night so went looking for a place to dine when Billy came back at 5:30 from the Sportsman where he was staying. Walk down the street and went into a joint that had a bad smell to it so the gang opted on going to the Sportsman. On the way we met Doug, Jimmy and his wife Faye saying they weren't doing the pool party either and Jimmy had a bag of popcorn in hand to go back and watch TV in their room. Walked back to the area where the pool party was just getting started to check things out and I suggested we crash it but only Jerry wouldn't have anything to do with that. So went to Gene's booth but it was taken so ended up at a table that had the pool as a view and enjoyed a nice fish dinner. Billy was great at keeping us laughing over the meal and reviewing the days events, then headed out to the poolside party to mingle with the gang. The entertainment was over and Maxine was trying to give info on the next day's events. Boyd had a table set up to sell his book so Billy jumped in line and I got a picture of him and Boyd signing his book and much to my surprise he got one for me while I wasn't looking and signed it to me. Jackie had a photo guy there taking pictures of all the people and signing a sheet where our family photo would be pasted for a scrapbook for Jackie. The gang photo that we took and signed at the office would be the office gal's keep-sake of all of us I think. Did some chatting with a few friends like Sweeten and his wife, Kevin and his wife of one year that he said was his one year anniversary trip for her. Talked with a few others and by this time most of the gang was leaving so got some of their left over fruits and had a sit-down. Walked back to the room to end the day.

Sportsman Pool

Billy getting a call from grandson Jake poolside

Billy getting Boyd Magers book signed

Pool Party gang

Elvin and Flo Sweeten

Susan getting something to eat

Jackie scrapbook picture signed by our gang

Billy saying goodnight to Susan