My Gene Autry Collection

Below are some pictures of my best pieces of my Gene Autry collection.

I found an old Victor ad of Gene Autry around 1994 and sent it to Gene Autry for him to autograph for my brother and me, which he did. It took me another 5 years to find the 78 record. Gene Autry was so generous in signing things for his fans; always wonder how many times he signed his name. I sent Rose Marie Addison an 11 X 14" of Gene Autry in his white suit and guitar and she had Gene Autry sign it for me on one of her trips to see him. Thanks, Rose.

The QRS 78 (Cova Recording Corp.) has a great story behind it. It is called the Holy Grail of 78 records and could well be the only one in existence. Gene Autry did this one in 1930.

Also in the collection I have both reproduction Colt 45's that were done by the Colt gunsmiths for America Remembers. The Colt factory did an engraved one for Gene Autry in 1939 and it is now in his museum. The engraved cap gun done by the Kenton factory in 1950 was made after the real one. I have a few of them in my collection too.

There are 4 of Gene Autry's suits (the one showing I wear) and the shirt I had made by a local tailor. Ed Gilmore made the Autry Rodeo saddle. It was a great find and is 1 of 12 that was used for Gene Autry's rodeo shows. The Flying-A chaps I just got this year and they really look good on the saddle along with the spurs that were made by a local craft person in Gene Autry, Oklahoma. The little figure of Gene Autry and the cookie jar also display real nice along with the high-end guitar.

Now that Columbia time frame theater standee was a great project since champ didn't have a head when I got it. Had a local restorer redo that rare item for me.

Now don't you just love that shirt with the flag on it? I had to have the bib part made but it still looks great with the Nudie pants. There are a couple of photos of Gene Autry wearing it when he was doing his bond drives.

On 12-24-01 I got myself a Christmas present on Ebay, it was a pair of Gene Autry's boots that Jackie donated to the first Tioga, Texas festival fund raising auction. A local Western store owner won the bid and ended up selling them. Also with them came a letter from Jackie stating that they were among his favorites.

I recently added this plate set to my collection.