The Rojo Family Trip
to the Gene Autry Friends Fan Club Convention
in Los Angeles, August 2007

Aug 4th, 2007
Opening Dinner
Aug 5th, 2007
Melody Ranch
Aug 5th, 2007
Pool Party
Aug 6th, 2007
Aug 7th, 2007
Open Day
Aug 8th, 2007
Autry's House
Aug 8th, 2007
Gene's Office

Aug.-8 Gene's house:

Started the day with the Day's Inn coffee and rolls while chatting a few with the gang. This was our last day there so did the check-out thing and loaded up the van, then drove to the Sportsman and parked.

The gang was all hanging around the entrance of the Sportsman waiting for the smaller type buses to take them to Jackie's house. No cars on Jackie's street so we did the bus as per Maxine's instructions.

While waiting for our turn for a bus ride snapped a few pictures of Jerry and Susan talking with .The Texas Trailhands. getting their $20 CD and picture signed. I got one called .San Antonio Waltz. from Miss Devon. This was one of the groups that was part of the entertainment all week that Maxine had set-up and were very good. Got a snap of Neila talking with Ray Addison and he looked a lot better than the first night we saw him so guess the Autry thing was doing some good healing for him. Susan had me take a picture of her and what she said was a new lady friend she made. Later much to my surprise Susan gave me a picture of her she had signed to me and it was Carol Adams one of Gene's leading ladies from the movie .Ridin' on a Rainbow.. Seems she had a bag of pictures she was giving out to all that asked.

Loaded up the bus with about 20 people with a short drive up a winding road to the house where Jackie was at the front door greeting all with a hand shake on there way into the house. Susan took a few pictures of Jerry and I shaking her hand but my camera's anti-shake wasn't good enough to counter Susan's shaking. They didn't come out all that well but with Susan with us we got many other shots that otherwise wouldn't have happened. We started by going up to the 2nd floor where Karla was trying to control small groups into different rooms. I had the camcorder while Susan had my camera. Karla was talking about the bedroom and how warm it was and saying they opted to not put on the fireplace due to it being August. As I was scanning the room with the camcorder I started in a low voice singing .I'm Back In The Saddle Again. and a gentleman behind me stated that's what Gene would be singing when he would bring in his breakfast. As I was talking with him and asking questions we found out he and his wife were the caretakers of the property and had been there with the Autrys since 1997.

As the 2nd floor tour was completed down to the first where I gave Susan the camcorder and I took over the camera. I can not put into words the feeling I had viewing Gene's living quarters and seeing all his memorabilia displayed in just the right locations for his viewing pleasure. His large easy chair in front of a large TV in what I would call his history room was positioned so you could see everything in that wonderful room. I just wondered what he would be thinking if he was sitting there watching ( maybe he was) all of us looking at all his accomplishments of his life on display. Luck being with me Maxine was there and I asked her to take my picture in Gene's chair as she gracefully did.

The adjoining room I guess you could call the family room with a large fireplace with chairs and tables all around displaying pictures of Gene with famous people and awards. There was a grand piano and a large player piano playing .Back In The Saddle Again. and guess someone was complaining it was to loud as Jackie came in and turned it off. There was a bar and sitting area between the family and Gene's history room that had one of Gene's rodeo saddles on display along with a very old slot machine. You can only but wonder what guests had a sit-down at that bar enjoying a Scotch with Gene and enjoying all the wonderful things all around you. While Susan was in this area filming she turned and her back-pack bump a large lamp over with a bang that I just caught and uprighted before it hit the floor. Within a few seconds a very large and I mean large security person was there inspecting to see what damage was done and with our luck holding out the lamp wasn't broken, I snapped a picture of this guy looking us over. All the rooms had wonderful western paintings and the only modern painting I seen was in Jackie's bath area.

The kitchen would be any woman's dream with a large counter leading into the dining area with the dining table on a rug that was in western style and his Flying A logos at each corner. Another great looking saddle in that room too.

As I walked out the back door and Jackie was in the middle of the gang with TV people all around doing interviews and the patio was packed so decided to wiggle myself around the crowd to check out the yard. What a view seeing the pool about the same length as the house below this sloping hill about 20 yards below with a walkway all around it. One can not stand there and not see the wonderful parties that took place there that Gene had for his friends and fans. I remember reading and seeing pictures about a few of them in fan magazines from the 1950's and now being there was just overwhelming. The first things that will catch your eyes are the bronze statues, a full size horse frolicking in the yard, the end of the trail Indian statue on the walkway on the far side of the pool in a wonderful setting in the trees. On the patio there was this great eagle with wings spread ready to take off with fish in hand. The front entrance also had two Indians on horseback greeting you. I had a wonderful walk around the pool checking out the guest house, a shaded sitting area with potted plants all around and the view all around giving you a feeling that you in the middle of a forest.

With the pack beginning to clear around Jackie we noticed fans getting their pictures with her so tried to locate my gang and get in line for the big event. Jerry was nowhere to be found so we opted to get the picture taken anyway and much to my surprise as the gal was taking the picture Jackie asked us where is Jerry. Now with greeting 140 people or so how can she remember my brother. We thanked her and let others lined up have their time in the spotlight. Did some chatting with a few friends and looked over to see Susan standing next to Jackie getting Holly's book signed for me so snapped that picture. Don't get much better than that.

Maxine now instructed the gang to go out in front of the house for the official dedication of the Gene Autry Ridge. Les Gillian started off with a song then introduced the local city officials and others that were there for the presentation to Jackie with a little history on how it all came to be. Jackie thanked them, then did a big thank you to the fans and for their steadfast dedication to Gene. The house visit was coming to a end but not before Jackie announced she was giving all the fans a large bed throw in appreciation for joining her for the centennial. This throw had the centennial logo on it and the fans went wild as Jackie helped hand them out as we all got on the buses heading to the office for lunch.

Gene's display at the Sportsman

Monte's display at the Sportsman


The Trailhands signed picture come with there CD

Miss Devon and Jerry having a chat

Ray and Neila ready for Gene's house tour

Susan and Carol Adams one of Gene's leading lady's

Sign still from Carol Susan got for me

Jackie's hand at the house entrance

Another shot

Jerry getting his turn with Jackie

Me checking out the 2nd floor

Checking out the boots

His wardrobe


Susan with boots

Gene's bath area

Another view


Jackie's bath area

Books on the ready

Jackie's bathtub

There bed

The throw Jackie gave us all

Upper hallway

Jackie's desk upstairs

The picture on Jackie's desk

The kitchen counter

Another kitchen view

Susan joining me for a picture

Boyd Magers and wife

A angels box

Nice cover wagon

Door to outside

Gene's walking sticks

Landry room

Nice saddle in the dining room

Check out the carpet with that saddle

Susan getting in the picture

Angles wall hanging

Doug by the bar area saddle

The bar

View of the bar area

Nice statue just off the bar area

Ray taking a rest

Bar area table

Security checking out the lamp Susan knocked over

Slot machine in bar area

Display in family room

Sitting area off family room and bar

Family room fireplace

Family room

Player piano in family room

Table display in family room

A award on that table

Jackie in hallway

Maxine checking us out

Sitting area

Another saddle

Gene's history room

more of the history room

More history

Jerry checking it all out

History display

Will Rogers award to Gene

Gene's viewing chair

More awards in history room

Me in the Man's chair

Susan doing the same

Jerry taking his turn

Gene's folder on his table

Checking out the Autry doll

Autry doll

Entrance Sitting area gang resting

Photo display

Photo display

Photo display

Photo display

Photo display

Award display

Award displaying

Entrance display

Oil Painting

Oil Painting

Oil Painting

Oil painting

Front of house-Open page with this picture

Looking up Gene Autry ridge

A bronze in front of house

A back yard view

The bronze horse taken from the patio

Jerry poolside with the bronze horse

Pool view taken on walkway

Eagle on the patio

Pool view from the walkway down to it

View of back of house from the pool

Another shot

Bronze on the far walkway

View on the way to guesthouse

Entrance to patio

Right side view of house

View to street


View up to the house

Fans in the shaded patio area

Fans back of the house patio

Fans on the patio

Jackie talkingg with fans

Jackie stopping for picture

Jackie with John and Linda

Our turn with Jackie

Susan getting Jackie to sign my book

The book signing

Holly's book

Dedication of Gene Autry Ridge

Google picture presentation

Official certificate of Gene Autry Ridge

Word of thank to the fans for coming

Jackie thanking all the fans for coming

Jackie handing out her gift throw to fans

Roslyn helping with the throws

Jackie Car